Covid-19 Update
(Mar. 19, 2020) - As we offer an essential service, we are still fully operational during the Covid-19 lock-downs.  We are fully complying with all of our governor's related regulations, including social distancing, cleaning, masks, and remote work when possible.  We will continue to...
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Universal Perfumes and Cosmetics
(Oct. 12, 2017) - EDI Consulting Group has now partnered with Universal Perfumes and Cosmetics out of New Jersey. We are very excited to grow and progress with this company through EDI. Click on the link to learn more about Universal Perfumes and Cosmetics
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xTupleCon 2014
(Aug. 26, 2014) - We have had the honor of once again being invited to attend xTupleCon, which promises to be twice as large as last year.  We will be presenting at 2:15 p.m. Wednesday, October 15th.  xTuple is the world's leading open...
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Let EDI Consulting Group, Inc. put your company's EDI puzzle together, piece by piece.

Is your company constantly receiving purchase orders? Are you constantly being told by your customers to implement EDI? There are many different pieces of the puzzle, and many different ways of putting them together. Being the worldwide leader of EDI solutions, we have developed several solutions that make the possibility of doing successful EDI transactions a reality for all businesses. Our solutions range from translation tools to communicate with your trading partners, to integrating every aspect of your EDI operation in to any manufacturing, or ERP system.

Two major problems that many companies face when it comes to EDI are: the number of different standards that their trading partners require and dealing with the many different versions of the same standard of EDI. Our EDI implementation team has developed solutions for all standards including: ANSI X-12, UN-EDIFACT, ASCI, VICS, TDCC, AIAG, UCS, NWDA, and all versions of XML. Thereby, allowing our solutions to fit all of your needs for every single trading partner that you will ever do business with.

After you have decided on what solution you want to handle getting the EDI documents to and from your trading partner, you will then have the option of integrating that information in and out of your accounting or manufacturing system. This will eliminate paperwork, time, and human error in inputting the information such as purchase orders and invoices. With this option, you never have to worry about what has happened to an order, where it is at, and what is being done with that same order.

Please look at our products page to get an idea of the different solutions that we offer.

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