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EDI-to-Fax Services provide the low cost way to trade electronically with all of your business partners.

Simple for Even the Smallest of Partners

Our EDI-to-Fax Services provide an efficient, cost-effective way to trade electronically with all of your business partners, regardless of their size. While many larger business partners already have become EDI-capable, many small businesses do not have the technical expertise or resources to participate in your e-business program.

EDI Consulting Group, Inc. provides many solutions to enable small businesses to participate in electronic trading communities. These solutions help EDI-enabled businesses increase the benefit derived from conducting business electronically. EDI-to-Fax Services can reach trading partners who do not have a computer or the ability to receive e-business documents.

A single connection reaches all business partners. Your company sends e-business documents to EDI Consulting Group, Inc. in the same manner as you transact with EDI-enabled trading partners. We convert EDI documents to a human-readable format and delivers to the receiver's fax machine. This service can be implemented on a global basis. Two Options Available

  • Fast Fax - With the Fast Fax option, there is no need to contact Customer Support to add a new fax-based trading partner. Fast Fax enables an EDI-capable company to send an EDI document to a EDI Consulting Group customer, using the recipient's fax number as the receiver's trading partner ID. Based on this fax number, we translate the EDI document into a human-readable format and transmits to the fax number indicated in the interchange envelope.
  • Host Fax - With the Host Fax option, EDI Consulting Group, Inc. establishes a relationship directly with a fax-enabled partner and maintains a trading partner profile on their behalf. When an EDI-capable trading partner sends an EDI document to EDI Consulting Group, our service looks up the necessary information in the trading partner profile, translates the document to a human-readable format, and delivers the document via fax.
Expand Your Connections with EDI-to-Fax

Our strength is and has always been electronic commerce. No one knows the e-business requirements of business - small to large - like EDI Consulting Group, Inc. We are uniquely to bring the low cost, simple-to-use capabilities of EDI-to-Fax to your organization.

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