Covid-19 Update
(Mar. 19, 2020) - As we offer an essential service, we are still fully operational during the Covid-19 lock-downs.  We are fully complying with all of our governor's related regulations, including social distancing, cleaning, masks, and remote work when possible.  We will continue to...
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Universal Perfumes and Cosmetics
(Oct. 12, 2017) - EDI Consulting Group has now partnered with Universal Perfumes and Cosmetics out of New Jersey. We are very excited to grow and progress with this company through EDI. Click on the link to learn more about Universal Perfumes and Cosmetics
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xTupleCon 2014
(Aug. 26, 2014) - We have had the honor of once again being invited to attend xTupleCon, which promises to be twice as large as last year.  We will be presenting at 2:15 p.m. Wednesday, October 15th.  xTuple is the world's leading open...
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EDI Consulting Group, Inc. is a privately owned company founded in 1995 and is located in Indiana. EDI Consulting Group, Inc. has set the standard for all EDI solutions in all aspects of business. Founded on true innovation, EDI Consulting Group, Inc. has soared to the top of EDI solution companies worldwide, having thousands of installations of various EDI solutions. EDI Consulting Group, Inc. supports all standards of EDI including X-12 and UN-EDIFACT, along with all standards of XML. EDI Consulting Group, Inc. earned this leading role through many years of integrating the right solution for the right end-user at the right price point. Always looking forward, EDI Consulting Group, Inc. develops new solutions everyday to ensure that our clients have the best solution to operate cost effective EDI transactions. EDI Consulting Group, Inc. produces the results needed in today's fast paced business world.

A Proven Record:

Since being founded in 1995, EDI Consulting Group, Inc. has integrated solutions for industries such as the automotive, distribution, pharmaceutical, transportation, education, telecommunications, food service, medical industries, as well as all retail store chains, thus giving EDI Consulting Group, Inc. the experience needed to offer any EDI solution needed.


To provide the most innovative and technologically advanced EDI solutions available to any industry, using the latest technology as well as integrating with traditional proven methods.

The above process includes a number of control and security procedures. Data security is maintained through the use of user identification numbers and passwords. EDI generation/translation software that is available from commercial suppliers typically includes extensive data editing and error-checking routines. This facility ensures that the data is valid at the time of transmission, and that it is also valid when it is received. EDI standards also allow the receiver to acknowledge successful receipt of the transmission by sending an acknowledgement message back to the sender. EDI, then, is at least as secure and accurate as your present method of exchanging paper documents.

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