Covid-19 Update
(Mar. 19, 2020) - As we offer an essential service, we are still fully operational during the Covid-19 lock-downs.  We are fully complying with all of our governor's related regulations, including social distancing, cleaning, masks, and remote work when possible.  We will continue to...
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Universal Perfumes and Cosmetics
(Oct. 12, 2017) - EDI Consulting Group has now partnered with Universal Perfumes and Cosmetics out of New Jersey. We are very excited to grow and progress with this company through EDI. Click on the link to learn more about Universal Perfumes and Cosmetics
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xTupleCon 2014
(Aug. 26, 2014) - We have had the honor of once again being invited to attend xTupleCon, which promises to be twice as large as last year.  We will be presenting at 2:15 p.m. Wednesday, October 15th.  xTuple is the world's leading open...
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Picked Fresh

Picked Fresh is a small clothing distributor located in New York featuring the clothing line "Apple Bottoms" by R&B artist Nelly.

Situation: All invoices and purchase orders were sent to CIT using web forms. 2 full-time employees were necessary to input all the information off the documents into the accounting system. This was a slow and often inaccurate process. After consulting with EDI Consulting Group, Inc. their situation was accessed and a solution was presented.

Solution: The first step was to establish a direct link to CIT so that purchase orders may be sent and invoices received. This would allow the accounting system to be automatically updated; therefore, the position of data entry was no longer required, thus, saving the company about $100,000. They were currently using a third party EDI service provider which meant transaction fees. The company was quickly expanding but their current EDI service was holding them back. By switching to EDI LINK, Picked Fresh was able to avoid the high expense of increasing transaction fees. Since the induction of their own in-house EDI service, the company is growing by leaps and bounds, increasing trading partners from 10 to 50 by the end of the year.

Green Valley Growers

Green Valley Growers is a distributor of flowers with 250 acres in production.

Situation: They were previously using old DOS based accounting software. They had a translator but no bridge. Thereby meaning that someone had to read the translated document and manually input the information into accounting. This was a slow and tedious process. Green Valley Growers was signed on with Lowe's and was talking to Kmart. Using this current method, it would be impossible to keep up with the demand from both stores.

Solution: The first step was to upgrade the accounting software, this was done by Ken Koenig of Koenig Software Systems. After the installation of EDI LINK, Green Valley Growers was able to receive 852's (Product Activity Data), 861's (Receiving Advice/Acceptance Certificate), and 820's (Payment/Remittance Advice) from Kmart. They also expanded heavily on 850's (Purchase Orders), 810's (Invoices), and 820's (Payment/Remittance Advice) with Lowe's.
    "EDI LINK is quick, easy to use, and the reports are wonderful."
    Denise McGlinchey,
    Green Valley Growers

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